A site to behold…

First site to tell you about… http://www.war-o-rama.com/, In addition to a lot of fun car games, there are soldier games, combat games, and cool shooting games of all types. The site has been online since the spring of last year. Thousands of games are available free, and new games get added all the time. Fun car games are one of the biggest categories, and not only cars… motorcycles, fighter jets, you name it. All of these games free and available 24 hours a day. We think you’ll enjoy this site.


Hey there, race fans!

To all fans of free online games, especially racing fans, welcome to this blog! In this new small blog, I’m hoping to explore the world of free flash car games, the best anywhere… all of these games are free and available online 24/7 at a browser near you. Lots o’ sites these days have very high quality free flash games, and we’ll be looking at ones that have racing games… motorcyle, car, jet, dog sled, whatever. You got the need for speed? There’s a fun race running day and night, and all you need is your own computer. Beat your opponents on the track and go home with that first place trophy. The thrill, the excitement, the noise of the crowd… the driver’s seat is waiting for you!